MED CUP 2021
Sailing regatta and indoor networking club for doctors and physicians
September 18, 2021
11:00 - 22:00
"GALS" private yacht-club, Moscow
Moscow MED CUP
for doctors and physicians

Sailing regatta and indoor networking club for doctors and physicians takes top specialists in the field of surgery, sports medicine and rehabilitation in one place pursuing one goal. Discussing the problems of modern surgery and rehabilitation in a new format!

150 +
crew members
sports sailing yachts
Public talk & Sailing regatta
Meetings without ties in a casual setting. Networking-club with the best medical specialists, owners of private clinics, Olympic champions, media personalities. Sailing Regatta Sailing exciting competitions! Excitement, adrenaline, team spirit training and a great opportunity to touch the premium sport. Round table discussion Public talk is a dialogue of professionals on the problems of sports medicine and modern rehabilitation. A dialogue in which the opinion of the best in their field is important.
GALS Yacht Club

GALS Yacht Club

Mytishchi, Ostashkovskoehighway,

Boltinovillage, 9 km. from MKAD

Sailing regatta and closed networking club

for medical professionals MOSCOW MED CUP.

Participation in the regatta: strictly by invitation.
Event format: closed networking club.

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